Monday, July 19, 2021

Peace As Goal In Society

In the Catholic Times' Light of the World, the priest columnist uses a word English speakers can translate literally as— 'the last scene', 'last chapter'. The connotation, however, when used with 'soap operas' describing their immorality and unethical contents but usually record high ratings and popularity is what is meant. 

Why is that? Thanks to the secrets surrounding birth, rising status in society, greed, desire, conspiracy betrayal, violence, evil deeds, the rapid development of stories, and reversal, soap operas maintain tension and increase viewers' immersion. It also stimulates the instincts, desires, and emotions hidden in human unconsciousness to satisfy them. 


Unfortunately, these soap operas are not helpful in our lives according to the columnist. Many conflicts and fights that arise between individuals, families, and society are similar to what we see in these soap operas.

Several factors play a role in creating this crazy reality: human conflict, quarrels, feuds over interests, envy and jealousy, lack of love, hatred and pain caused by this lack of love, and repeated resentment that follows. Socially, there are decades-old past history not sorted out, unrealized rewards and apologies, a vicious cycle of violence, and the suffering of individuals and society. They collide violently with each other. 

The Catholic Church wants us to understand these problems deeply and strive to solve them and ultimately teach that the more we try to solve social problems, the more important it is to achieve peace. In this context, encouraging violence can never be tolerated. 


 "Violence is never a proper response. With the conviction of her faith in Christ and with the awareness of her mission, the Church proclaims “that violence is evil, that violence is unacceptable as a solution to problems, that violence is unworthy of man. Violence is a lie, for it goes against the truth of our faith, the truth of our humanity. Violence destroys what it claims to defend: the dignity, the life, the freedom of human beings" (Compendium of the Social Gospel #496).

The columnist finds it difficult to deliver the church's teachings on the various social conflicts in society. The problems are many and difficult. Even if it is properly identified and judged, there are tremendous difficulties in asking persons to yield individual interests and to forget the factors that make this difficult. These he believes are emotions and violence. Events and causes that make people experience unfairness and anger are also problems, but it is also a pity that they are caught up in such emotions.

Again, the difficulties faced by individuals and society are complex and acute. And as long as emotions and violence repeat, solutions will be a long way off. Looking at the recent controversy over fairness in our society, he thinks it should be discussed peacefully, and we should all work together to find alternatives. Of course, the old, unreasonable, and unjust situation should be improved, but if we lose the way of peace and peace as a goal, only greater difficulties will be repeated.

"Peace is built up day after day in the pursuit of an order willed by God and can flourish only when all recognize that everyone is responsible for promoting it. To prevent conflicts and violence, it is absolutely necessary that peace begins to take root as a value rooted deep within the heart of every person" (#495).


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