Thursday, October 13, 2011

Words Without Deeds...

"Words without deeds are like a garden full of weeds." These words, and similar sentiments, are often heard, and the desk columnist  of the Catholic Times reflects on their usefulness in living a fulfilling life. No matter how acquainted we are with the words of Scripture, he believes that when they are not lived  they are of little use. They are not the way we move God or even ourselves. 

Those who live the words of Scripture live their lives truthfully and serenely. The words bring repentance, and help others to repent, and those who pray inspire others to pray. Living by  the Word means to carry out what we believe. Our columnist gives us the example of Mahatma Gandhi who lived what he preached and received respect and  acclaim from all. 

The columnist presents us with three self-reflections: When we approach the Scriptures do we do it with humility and respect for the Word? Do we use God like a tool to attain what we want? When the Word does not match our desires do we discard it?

What effort is necessary on our part to make the Word effective in our lives?  It starts, he says, by becoming familiar with the Word, not only having knowledge of the Word but having the experience of the Word in our lives. Knowledge and experiencing the  truth of the knowledge are two different realities.  Knowledge, understanding, practicing  and experiencing the Word may be our desire, but it is only in experiencing the truth of the Word that changes us.  That's God's gift to us. That is the life of Faith.

We all desire to have our requests answered but how faithful are we in listening to God in the many ways he speaks to us. We are too busy and miss much of the happiness and grace that we should have in life. 

How precious do we consider the words of Scripture? Do they touch the heart? The columnist tells us that if we have read the Scriptures with the head, we should make a change and read them with our heart and and put them  into practice in our daily lives. Where the Word  exists  there is life. We should  yearn to make it a part of our life.

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