Monday, November 23, 2009

There is a shortage of priests in many parts of the world and what seems to happen in such a situation is that the morale weakens and makeshift programs begin to appear. Emergency treatment is required.

Looking over the Korean situation in recruitment is a lesson in organization that has been operative for many years. Here in the Incheon Diocese those who show an interest in the priesthood meet in each of the deaneries. Once a month those interested in the life of the priest or sister, meet on the second Sunday of the month in the Catholic High School in Incheon for a program on religious education and growth in virtue.

Every third Tuesday of the month at the Cathedral Parish there is a Mass for those aiding the seminary and seminarians. There are frequent visits to the different parishes to spend time with the officers of the parish vocation association. They also have twice each year a retreat for all the benefactors and officers of the different associations in the different parishes.

This program was started back in 1981 and has 98 parishes involved and 19,415 members. There is also a person in charge full time for the work.

The Koreans are very good at organizing and in putting persons in charge who do a good job in stimulating the members of the different groups. You get a feeling that there is a great deal of life and growth. Success breeds success and in Korea even though there seems to be a decrease in vocations I do not think you would say this of the diocese of Incheon.

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