Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Wanting to See External Results

Maryknoll missioner Fr. Clarence Witte mentioned in yesterday's blog, stated in his book: "The following is something that is particularly true in Japan and does not apply everywhere but we can take a lesson from it. We see our people outfitting themselves with the best equipment for a whole range of activities, often without being very expert in the performance of those activities. Whether it be skiing, golfing, fishing , or whatever, the equipment has to be the best, but the performance doesn't always measure up to expectations. And this doesn't apply only to sports. In many aspects of life, including business, politics, and some home life too, putting on a good front often hides a less attractive backside."

This approach to life is often found in Korea and often found in other cultures but probably not as noticeable as Japan or Korea. The Italians also are reported to have a need to "fare una bella figura." Literally it means to put your best foot forward or to make a good appearance.

"We too need to be careful not to make the same mistake. Our missionary endeavor is certainly well-organized, and we have a plethora of equipment and gadgets. But we do not get the results that we would like. There! That"s it! Results! That's the dirty word! We need to clean that word up a bit! In fact we do get results, the only trouble is that they are invisible---- invisible to us, but not to the Holy Spirit, who is really running things. It is good for us to remember what our Lord said when one of the Apostles asked him, ' Is this the time Lord, when you are going to restore the kingdom to Israel? ----the time when we are going to see the results' Our lord's answer was, to put it in the vernacular, That 's none of your business. My Father will take care of that. You get on with the job I gave you."

"If we have to see the results of our efforts, we really do not have faith, for faith is 'the evidence of things that are not seen and the substance of things to be hoped for.' "