Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Sexual minorities in Korea

There are topics difficult to talk about and one of them is sexual orientation that is not heterosexual. This week's Catholic Times had a column on sexual minority groups that meet under Protestant auspices to talk about their sexuality. The article was very clear and delicately written, a difficult topic for a Catholic readership.

In Korea the topic was taboo, left for the underground and areas of society that we like to believe do not exist. This is changing with the media giving it attention in recent years and activists who are trying to change the thinking of society to an inclusive and non-discriminatory one. The Catholic Church in Korea does not know yet, how to deal with sexual minorities.

In the States we do have the Dignity Coalition, a group of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered Catholics and their families, who seek the church's acceptance of the homosexual lifestyle. The Church says no, and proposes Courage International.

In Society today we have the break down of the traditional way of looking at sexuality. Courage International a Christian ministry, ministers to those with same-sex attractions. They are asked to abstain from acting on their sexual desires and to live chastely according to the the teachings of the Church on homosexuality. This is an area that the Church in Korea should take a lead, for the issues will not disappear and those with this orientation should be helped by the Church to live their lives joyfully and with knowledge that chastity is possible. The sexual part of our nature is not all that we are, but only a small part; joy and a full life may be had by living and loving chastely all our sisters and brothers.