Monday, March 22, 2010

Putting Insult On the Menu

Eating a great many things that are not digestible is very Korean. They can eat insults, age, fright and a long list of uneatables. One priest spent some time in a newsletter telling us about what eating of insults should mean to us as Christians.

He tells us that we are all going to have our share of eating insults, abuse or shame. We should prepare ourselves for this possibility. Our Lord has made this clear in his teaching and by the example of his life. To avoid eating abuse means that you avoid doing anything.

The writer uses the passage from the Scripture where a friend comes at night asking for bread and doesn't take no for an answer. He accepts the possibility that the owner of the house used some unpleasant words during the give and take and finally did get up to give him the bread he asked for. (Luke 11:5-8).

In every society, a person that is going about his work will eat insult. If we are going to achieve anything then we should be prepared to eat insults. In Korea to eat insult means you will live a long time. Excepting the things that are done in hurting others or the society in which we live, eating insults tell us that when we don't hide what is in us, and we honestly say what we feel this is very good for our health. When we don't repress what is in us, we show a more relax exterior, even if we are scared and eat abuse we will have peace and we will be building up energy.

A person that is trying to avoid eating abuse is going to have to hide a great deal from others and is going to be conscious of what others are thinking and fear. According to the writer we may be praised for being a kind man but will not be doing many important things, and be open to many health problems.

He finishes his articles by telling us it is important not to eat abuse, but if we spend all our time trying to avoid the possibilities, we will not be living in the truly Christian way. For Jesus who is our example did not avoid eating abuse and that is the reason he died on the Cross.