Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Married Life Without Fights

There are many mysteries concerning married life and many suggestions on how to make marriage more successful.The obstacles couples are facing today are increasing, and society does not make it any easier for couples and families to grow in love and to strengthen the bonds of this most  basic community in our society.

The columnist of Daily Life and Faith Life in the Catholic Times speaks about his meeting with a couple, whose relationship engenders both jealously and envy. Very impolitely, moved by a gnawing curiosity, he asked, "You both are on your best behavior before me, but when you get home, don't you fight?"

The husband responded, "I would like to fight but my wife doesn't cooperate, so there is no fight." The wife added, "He goes right along with whatever I want, so fighting is not possible."

The columnist said he failed to satisfy is curiosity with the first question and tried again, "Where does that love come from? Is it from your faith life?"

The wife said, "Before we were married I wasn't much of a Christian. I liked what I saw in him and decided to marry him. It was during our honeymoon that I realized the kind of man he was. It was then that I gave him my complete trust."

"What is that all about?"

"Father, on my wedding day I was all nerves, I just wanted to live a happy life. At that time we decided to go to Chejudo, a favorite spot for honeymooners, it did take some sacrifice on our part but I dreamed of living with joy for two nights and three days.                  
When we arrived at the hotel, the first thing my husband did was to go to the telephone directory and started flipping through the pages. I asked what he was doing. He said he was looking for the office numbers of the churches near to the hotel. When I asked him why, he said he wanted to know the time of  Sunday Masses. Hearing that, all my elation, my dreams of our time together, vanished. He threw cold water on all that I had envisioned for the three days. The next day, while attending morning Mass, the thought came to me that if he was that concerned about the God he couldn't see, he would be  concerned about me who he could see. On the plane back I made up my mind to be committed to him."  

The columnist reflects on that rather insignificant act of the husband on his honeymoon that had  such a profound impact on the wife, as if set in stone, never to be erased. In the same way, the columnist believes that everything we do has an impact on our lives. That we are not aware of this fact is probably a blessing, but it doesn't mean the connection is not there.                                                       

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