Friday, July 13, 2018

Laughter Is A Massage for the Soul

Persons who easily laugh are blessed. Bright smiles bring light and peace to his spirit, says the writer of an article for a diocesan bulletin. As he gets older he feels the need for this boost to the spirit. Those working in the public sector of society, a smiling face is stressed and our writer tried hard to do so.

He was faced with a difficult situation. He was asked for a photo and went to a studio and asked for a smiling face. The photographer said he would take 10 pictures and he was to select the one he liked. He spoke the words 'kimchi and whiskey' but the photographer shook his head and said: "Sir, your smile just doesn't work." Looking at the photos, the lack of practice just left the face stiff and hard, it was hard to look and felt embarrassed.

From that day on he stood before the mirror practicing how to smile. He also started to read books on laughing. Many were the clear statements on smiling and laughter and lists the ones meaningful to him.

"Laughter is a massage for the inner life." For that person laughter makes his loneliness bearable and even reaches down to his soul.

"Laughter is a journey to eternity." Heaven is not far distant. A smile gives one a taste of heaven.

"Smile is an international passport." Without knowledge of languages with a knapsack, a person feels free to travel to many countries. A smile more than words is able to move a person's heartstrings.

"The difference between heaven and hell is the difference between laughter and no laughter."  No place is easier to go to than heaven.

"A day without laughter is a day lost." The times we wish to forget are those without laughter. My stern face how tired it has made you.

"I was joyous and so I laughed is not the order, but rather I laughed and became joyous." Laughter is a decision—training. Loving the person you love, who is not able to do that?

"Laughter is the power of my competitive edge." When I am lonely and feel alienated all I have to do is look into the mirror to know the reason. I can live with a fox-like woman but never a bear.

"A pig head with a smile gets a better price."Only humans can laugh.

The opposite of laughter is not crying but lack of interest and rejection and in time may lead to a break in a relationship. A person with a continual smile on his face is a good person. A person with a  warm smile and kind words on their lips, have discovered one of the secrets of life.

Our writer finishes his article with the confession that he is still not able to smile easily and naturally. He meets others habitually with a blank look on his face. He remembers a story about a salesman, always busy and arriving home late at night. Although tired when he arrived at the front door he would take a deep breath, prepare his attitude, and tells himself he will be meeting the last customer of the day.